I’m Sue – AKA Sueyhopey, hopey, Suzanne … I’m a vibrant women who wants to make a difference in life by supporting people to realise their potential. I have done this by working in corporate learning since 2001.

Being part of a community, networking, connecting and listening to people helps me to be a lifelong learning. I love learning!

Enabling people is my passion and I do this through working alongside my clients. I love building relationships and really getting to understand what people are looking for. I love to work with people to integrate ideas and models across disciplines to support getting things done.

As a women, and mother I’m busy and it’s a juggle and I love to talk about this with other women to solve our issues and share our struggles. A breast cancer survivor I draw on this experience to help shape my interactions with others in a warm friendly way. Always growing and evolving.

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